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Engage your customers, gather insights, and get recommended actions for your business and our planet.
Join the 150K+ tree-planting initiative while growing your business!
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Sustainable Growth
in Action

Discover how SMARTDATA has empowered businesses like yours to deepen customer engagement, unlock valuable insights, and achieve sustainable growth.
"We have a large number of followers on social media, but I feel like I don't know anything about our end consumer, I make many assumptions, I imagine many things, but I have no certainty. Using Tribaldata is a no-brainer to me.”
Octavio Laguía,
"The engagement rate we are seeing is way above our expectations and we are discovering new audience segments that will help us to sell more."
David Lahoz,
Head of Business Development

The Problem With Customer Intelligence Today

Today, knowing your customers means long surveys, endless analysis, and months of waiting. You're left with a room filled with post-its and a 'oh-no' moment when you realize you've missed some key questions. This slow, error-prone process is a burden. 

Our Solution

We revolutionize this journey. Our streamlined three-step process, powered by AI, takes the burden off your shoulders and paves the way for speed and simplicity. From setting objectives to understanding customer insights, Tribaldata cuts down the lead time from months to a few weeks.
Invite your customers to meaningful interactions.
Understand your customer's motivations and needs with AI.
Make impactful decisions using customer insights.

Your Tool for Impactful Customer Engagement

Crafted to benefit both your profits, people and the planet, Smart Data caters to your marketing intelligence needs, reducing the   burden and reducing time to profitable action.

Your Journey Towards Smarter Customer
Engagement Starts Here

Revolutionize your marketing approach with SMARTDATA by Tribaldata.
AI-Driven Surveys
Engaging Rewards
Actionable Insights
GDPR compliant Acquisition
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Behind the Scenes

Let's dive deeper into what makes SMARTDATA the best solution for sustainable growth.
AI-Supported Survey Creation
Customized and automated to reduce your research burden.
Brainstorm with your customers
Chat on the fly with AI-generated marketing personas that mirror your most representative customers.
GDPR consented Customer Contact Acquisition
Expand your customer base safely.
Swift Decision Making and Action
Empowered by AI-powered recommended actions to feed your marketing plan.
Deep Consumer Insights
Understand motivations, values, and preferences for critical product, price, promotion and channel decision-making.
Impactful Rewards
Close the loop and demonstrate your sustainability commitment.
Success Story

Trusted by Experts

Endorsed by sustainability leaders and validated by EQA Impact Assessment.
"Tribaldata's impact has positively been validated by us as an independent third party, in particular the theory of change and impact indicators"
Ana Domínguez Garzón,
Sustainable Finance, EU Quality Partners
“At Google SFSD we partner with groundbreaking startups that take actionable steps towards a more sustainable and equitable future. We’re proud to stand alongside the visionaries of our time, harnessing the transformative power of technology to reimagine our world. Every startup we support is a testament to what’s possible when ambition and innovation meet.”
Natalie Naruns,
Senior Product Manager, Google

Making customer intelligence easy

Choose the right plan for you to get started and get access to ethical and purposeful customer intelligence today


Quick & easy data collecting

Up to 1.000 responses per month
*3 months for free then 9€ / month

Engaging Surveys
Stunningly beautiful branded and engaging surveys that can reward customers with green incentives
Easy collect & analyzing
Get a comprehensive intelligence report accompanied by consented customer email contacts
Green rewards add-on
Access to a curated list of green incentives to delight and reward your customers. More information below


Automatic surveys & recommendations

 / month
Up to 10.000 responses per month
Everything in Lite, and:

Automatic survey creation
Let our AI help you create beautiful smart branded surveys, based on your objectives
Advanced analytics
Deep dive into the insights derived from your customer data with custom dashboards
Recommended actions
Get recommendations on actions to take, based on your customers responses


Revolutionary easy in dept research

 / month
 Unlimited responses
Everything in Plus, and:

Adaptive AI driven surveys
Let our AI interviewer conduct personalized interviews with your customers
Ask your AI customer
Ask questions to an AI model based on customer responses and get instant answers
Lookalike audiences
Grow your customer base efficiently and lower your social media marketing spend
ADD ON Green Rewards

Boost your customer engagement by adding on green rewards

Plant trees in Madagascar

 / tree
Extensive deforestation has prompted vital restoration efforts in Madagascar. Initiatives began in Mahajanga in 2007, focusing on replanting mangroves and later expanding to diverse forest types. These efforts have revitalized ecosystems, combating erosion and supporting endangered species.

Plant trees in Appalachia, USA

 / tree
The Appalachian region, hosting over 150 tree species, faces habitat loss due to mining and timber operations. Reforestation efforts aim to repair this damage, improving water quality and providing jobs in impoverished areas. Sustainable conservation practices are employed to ensure the long-term health of these forests.

Plant trees in Denmark

 / tree

Denmark's initiative to plant 1 million trees aims to increase forest cover to 25% by 2100, enhancing biodiversity, carbon absorption, and groundwater preservation. This project transforms farmland into woodlands, also offering recreational and educational benefits to local communities.
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    Frequently Asked

    What is AI-Supported Survey Creation?
    It's our unique feature where we use Artificial Intelligence to customize and automate your surveys, adapting them to your objectives and target audience.
    What do you mean by GDPR consented Customer Contact Acquisition?
    We make sure that all the email contacts you get from your customers comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring a safe expansion of your customer base.
    How do I start using TribalData?
    It's easy! Simply book a demo with us, and we'll guide you through the process of setting up and using TribalData to better understand and engage with your customers.
    How do Interaction-Based Rewards work?
    We reward your customers for answering surveys and learning about your products, which significantly boosts response rates and engagement.
    What are Deep Consumer Insights?
    Beyond basic demographics, we delve into the motivations, values, and preferences of your customers, offering deeper insights that can aid your business strategies.
    How does Tribaldata ensure its sustainability-focused rewards are effective?
    We close the loop by showcasing the impact of the rewards on your business and on the planet. We provide a triple-line impact report, facilitating long-term customer participation and helping you uncover the real impact of rewarding your customers with purposeful incentives.

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