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Experience the power of Green Campaigns that marry stellar ad performance with critical climate efficacy. Outstrip your campaign objectives and slash CO2 emissions by at least 20% with our end-to-end campaign management.

Your Green Campaign,

Unlock significant ad and climate performance
in three easy steps.
Target Definition
You provide us with a target definition and a campaign objective — be it reach, traffic, or conversions.
Campaign Proposal
We propose a campaign plan with projected results and budget. You supply the ad or we create it.
Campaign Execution
Once approved, we run and optimize your campaign for maximum ROI and climate impact, and certify the results.
Success Story

Enhanced Performance & Reduced Carbon Footprint

A leading Business School sought to increase brand awareness and website traffic. With Tribaldata, not only did they start with an impressive CTR of 1.09%, but they achieved a remarkable campaign CTR of almost 2% after three months - ten times the industry standard for programmatic display campaigns in their category.

In addition to performance, they significantly reduced their campaign's carbon footprint. In the first three months alone, we helped them cut the carbon footprint of their campaign by 0.20 metric tonnes of CO2. This was achieved through precision targeting, reducing the need for further offsets to achieve net zero emissions.

This example demonstrates our unique ability to drive superior ad performance while significantly reducing environmental impact - a testament to the power of our Green Campaigns.

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Environmental Impact

Responding to the
Climate Emergency

The climate emergency is the most pressing issue of our time. It's a global matter that needs global solutions. At Tribaldata, we believe the advertising industry can play a significant role in driving positive change.

By choosing us, your advertising becomes part of the solution, helping to support businesses and individuals in dealing with the climate emergency and building a more sustainable future.
Sustainability Practices

Comprehensive Green
Campaign Management

Manage your campaign from beginning to end with Tribaldata. We take your target definition and campaign objectives and transform them into a detailed proposal outlining projected results and budget.

Once approved, we set up and run your campaign. Our focus on ad efficacy and climate efficacy ensures that your campaign not only meets its goals but also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. Experience an end-to-end service that delivers results while prioritizing sustainability.
Sustainability Practices

Adhering to the Ad Net
Zero Action Plan

Tribaldata aligns its operations with the Ad Net Zero's five-point Action Plan. This comprehensive guide helps our industry transition to net zero emissions. We work tirelessly to reduce emissions from all aspects of our business operations, advertising production, and media planning & buying.

Furthermore, we aim to harness the power of advertising to promote and support sustainable behaviour change among consumers. With Tribaldata, your advertising contributes to a more sustainable future.
Proven Expertise

Proven Experience &
Expertise with Tribaldata

With Tribaldata, you leverage the power of a company with a proven track record in boosting campaign performance while minimizing environmental impact. We've helped leading brands from various industries, like a prominent Business School and a Telecom Operator, to significantly improve their CTR and CVR metrics while reducing their carbon footprint.

Our unique approach that combines Machine Learning with owned consumer data stands as our secret sauce. Trust in our experience, expertise, and commitment to drive your campaign success and contribute to a more sustainable future.
Environmental Impact

Our Commitment to a
Sustainable Future

At Tribaldata, we're not just about maximizing your campaign performance - we're equally committed to minimizing environmental impact. We understand the importance of reducing CO2 emissions in tackling the climate emergency. That's why we work diligently to reduce emissions through precision targeting and efficient campaign management.

Even with the most efficient strategies, some emissions are unavoidable. But that doesn't mean we stop there. For every campaign, we commit to offsetting any remaining emissions by investing in verifiable carbon offset projects. This could be through tree-planting initiatives or other sustainable efforts.

By choosing Tribaldata, you're not just choosing a platform for campaign success. You're choosing a partner in building a more sustainable future.

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