Faster. Cheaper. Purposeful. 

Connect With Your Customers Through Purpose

As a Product Manager, you need to make business-critical decisions. Decisions that require you to dive deep into your customers' needs and motivations. 

SMARTDATA is a customer intelligence platform that enables you to fast-track customer research. Through technology and strengthening the special bond that purposeful brands share with their customers. 

Imagine what a connection like this could do for your decision-making!

Tick all the boxes 

By better understanding your customers, you can unlock growth.


Relationships built on Purpose - Leverage green rewards and shared impact purpose as a compelling reason to initiate and maintain conversations with your customers. Leverage collection of emails and advertising ID's to keep the connection alive and grow stronger.


Know Your Customers Deeply - Uncover who the people are; access detailed customer data including names, residences, ages, and more through attractive rewarded surveys. The more you understand your customers, the better you can tailor your products and services to meet their needs.


Genuine Customer Insights - Use feedback coming directly from your real customers. Step beyond the limits of social media echo chamber and engage in authentic conversations to understand their thoughts and feelings around your existing and future product offering.


Unlock Secrets In Your Data - Utilize advanced tools to uncover hidden patterns in your customer´s data. Transform raw information into valuable insights and intelligence on your customer base. Seamlessly integrate these insights with your favorite tools to make informed, strategic decisions.


Informed Decision Making - Receive tailored recommended actions aligned with your goals. Populate and vet your plans with the voice of your customers on the decision table. Don´t rely just on your instinct.


Create Shared Value - Engage in a value exchange that resonates with a shared purpose. Make a measurable positive impact on people, the planet, and profit by aligning your business practices with the values of your customers.

A use-case for every sector

Here are some examples of use cases for our product

Take better product decisions faster informed by authentic customer data

Most Consumer-Facing manufacturers, regardless of industry, suffer from the same problem: An absolute lack of end-customer data and a need to make hundreds of decisions every week in the dark. This results in ineffective critical decisions being taken on hunches around product launches, channel and pricing strategy, or promotion, which can cost you thousands of dollars,

Turn consumers into into direct customers to grow their life time value

Appliances, Electronics and Furniture manufacturers tend to have a cap on the life-time value of their consumers set by their retailers.  Ease away from this constraint and complement your retailer sales with direct sales without a cap.

Turn social media followers into shoppers to grow your revenues

Food & Beverage, Clothing, Cosmetics and Jewellery manufacturers tend to have their customer interaction restricted to their social media. Break Free from this constraint and start upselling and cross-selling without the cap.

Balance Profit and Planet Decisions

Clothing, Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care Products Manufacturers are faced with increasing eco-labelling regulation pushing them to take critical supply chain decisions fast. Take these decisions with the voice of your customer to ensure a good balance is struck.

Boost digital revenues by connecting and understanding your users

Digital businesses such as online newspapers need to reduce their traffic capture dependency from the leading platforms and strike a direct relationship with their users to offer them services and / or present more personalised advertising. Start cutting this dependency and betting for long-term value.

A. Engage with a visually appealing experience

Create a branded survey and storytelling about your products and services with the help of easy-to-use tools.
Invite your customers to participate.

B. Reward with reforestation

Reward your customers with green rewards such as tree plantation for their interaction. Reinforce your shared commitment to sustainability.

Over 150k trees planted this far!

C. Enable data-driven product decisions

SMARTDATA will transform these customer dialogues into precise, actionable insights.

Examples of what you will get:
  • Usage and interest in your product range.
  • In-depth customer preferences and feedback.
  • Custom insights tailored to your specific needs.

    Use this rich knowledge to revolutionize product development and align your product offerings with customer demand.
  • Deepen your customer understanding and engagement 

    The first customer intelligence platform, designed specifically for purpose-driven brands that deepen customer connections and contribute to the planet.

    Engaging Surveys
    Stunningly beautiful branded and engaging surveys that can reward customers with green incentives
    Easy collect & analyzing
    Get a comprehensive intelligence report accompanied by consented customer email contacts
    Green rewards add-on
    Access to a curated list of green incentives to delight and reward your customers. 
    Automatic survey creation
    Let our AI help you create beautiful smart branded surveys, based on your objectives
    Advanced analytics
    Deep dive into the insights derived from your customer data with custom dashboards
    Recommended actions
    Get recommendations on actions to take, based on your customers responses
    Adaptive AI driven surveys
    Let our AI interviewer conduct personalized interviews with your customers
    Ask your AI customer
    Ask questions to an AI model based on customer responses and get instant answers
    Lookalike audiences
    Grow your customer base efficiently and lower your social media marketing spend

    Why our customers chose us

    "We have a large number of followers on social media, but I feel like I don't know anything about our end consumer, I make many assumptions, I imagine many things, but I have no certainty. Using Tribaldata is a no-brainer to me.”
    Octavio Laguía,
    "The engagement rate we are seeing is way above our expectations and we are discovering new audience segments that will help us to sell more."
    David Lahoz,
    Head of Business Development

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