This document together with our Privacy Policy and Onboarding Cookie Policy collect the terms and conditions under which SATOSHI TRANSFORMATIVE DATA S.L provides its rewarded web surveys to users.


“LEGAL INFORMATION”: Hereinafter Privacy Policy, Onboarding Cookies Policy and these Terms and Conditions of use of the incentives survey, also “Legal Information”.

“T&C”: Terms and Conditions for the participation of users in the rewarded web survey service provided by SATOSHI TRANSFORMATIVE DATA, S.L. “TRIBALDATA”. Hereinafter also “T&C”.


“THE SURVEY”: The incentivized web survey by TRIBALDATA hereinafter also the “SURVEY”. It includes any current or future version of the TRIBALDATA rewarded surveys.

“THE CLIENT”: The company that has commissioned the execution of the survey to TRIBALDATA. 

It is your responsibility to read the legal information carefully, since the provision of our services will be subject to it.

You must understand that by contracting the services you agree to abide by these T&C.

TRIBALDATA may modify and update these T&C in which case you will be duly informed. The use of your personal information provided through the surveys or our future communications with you will be governed by our Privacy Policy and our Onboarding Cookie Policy. In these documents we will inform you who you should contact if you have any questions.

By participating in the Survey, you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions. If you reject these you will not be able to obtain your reward.

 The language in which these Terms of Service have been drawn up and, therefore, the language that will govern their interpretation is English.


2.1. Company data: SATOSHI TRANSFORMATIVE DATA, S.L. is a company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid and with registered office at Calle Vía de las Dos Castillas número 15 Letra A, 28224 Madrid (Pozuelo de Alarcón), Spain.

2.2. The Tax Identification Number of SATOSHI TRANSFORMATIVE DATA S.L. is B-88258371.

2.3. Service Scope: TRIBALDATA  offers you a service where you will be able to obtain an ecological reward, such as a tree planted in your name, for providing your answers to a survey and registering your email address, so we can confirm the tree donation and we can later contact you.


3.1. Access to the Reward: To register to obtain your ecological reward you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. By registering your email to obtain your reward you represent and warrant that you have the legal authority to bind yourself to these T&C. You cannot register to obtain the reward on behalf of any third party and it is strictly forbidden to enter third party data or false data.

You agree that, when registering for the reward, you will provide truthful and up to date information and that you will not use a false identity or the identity of a third party. TRIBALDATA reserves the right to verify compliance with the previous requirement and in particular the age, for which it can request proof and in case of not being provided, deny registration or reward at any time.

3.2. Acceptance of the conditions: By registering your email to obtain your reward, you are accepting the T&C. 

3.3. Update of the Terms: TRIBALDATA may update the terms and conditions of service of this survey at any time. TRIBALDATA will notify you if there are changes in the relevant T&C. If they are considered major we may ask you to accept the T&C again.

3.4. Responsibility: It will be your sole responsibility to answer the survey and register for the reward, our survey  is designed for individual access.


4.1. Answer Questions: You will be asked to answer a set of basic questions of interest to our CLIENTS to help them improve their business.

4.2 Register your Email: In order to obtain your ecological reward you need to register and validate your email address. Once you have validate your email with us, provided you are above 18, you will receive an email from us to confirm our donation of the ecological reward and you may also be invited to access our wider Tribaldata Community to answer more surveys in exchange for ecological rewards. In order to access the service you need to sign-in with the same email address you registered and accept new wider terms and conditions.

4.4.1 Why we exchange your answers and email for ecological rewards: Providing your answers to questions is a central part of our rewarded surveys. Your answers to the survey questions together with hundreds of other answers from participants in the same survey will be categorised and interpreted into customer or consumer insights for our CLIENTS  and specific groups of declared interest and behaviour.. This allows us to paint a broad picture of what groups have in common with each other and get deep insights into the interests and concerns of the end-customers and prospects of our CLIENTS. As a service to marketers, we use this information to determine how to best run advertising campaigns. This value exchange is what allows us to fund the ecological rewards.

Anonymous browsing data collected by the means of cookies can be used as input to our work for CLIENTS.

TRIBALDATA will select the ecological partners at all times, always seeking the maximum possible impact and collaborating with partners that are recognized entities that can provide proof of contribution and clear evidence of their use for the proposed purposes.

TRIBALDATA reserves the right to modify the ecological partners at any time and you will be duly informed of the change. 


Our community service team will try to resolve any query you may have with our service. You can contact us by sending an email to community@tribaldata.com


6.1. Permitted conditions of use: You can participate in the survey as long as you respect the following rules:

6.1.1. You will not carry out fraudulent use of the survey such as piracy or any illegal use.

  1. Not to use the survey  for the transmission, installation or publication of any viruses, malicious code or other harmful programs or files, as well as not to use the survey for spamming or mail-bombing TRIBALDATA or any other third-party.
  2. Not to use the survey for purposes contrary to good faith, morality and public order.
  3. Not to access or try to access any section of the survey or its connected systems, networks or servers, whose access is restricted.
  4. Not to breach, or attempt to breach, the security or authentication measures of the survey or any network connected to the survey, or the security or protection measures inherent in the content offered on the survey
  5. Not to replicate, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the survey, except in those circumstances authorized by law. 

6.2. You undertake to defend, indemnify and hold TRIBALDATA harmless (and its clients, affiliates, employees, officers and directors) for any judicial or extrajudicial claim, damage or penalty related to the User’s obligations under these T&C.


7.1. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and other intellectual and industrial property rights in our survey and the content published in it (including but not limited to photographs and graphic images) are the property of TRIBALDATA or of third parties. This work is protected by laws and conventions on intellectual property and copyright around the world, and all rights are reserved.

7.2 You will not be able to use any of the contents of the survey or the TRIBALDATA website for commercial purposes without first obtaining a licence or authorization from TRIBALDATA to do so.

7.3 Rights reserved: All rights that are not expressly granted by TRIBALDATA in favour of third parties are reserved. There is no type of transfer of rights that have not been expressly made.

7.4  Subject to your compliance with these T&C, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable use and access to our survey..

7.5 Any infringement of TRIBALDATA’s intellectual property rights may constitute not only a breach of these T&C but also a violation of copyright laws, trademark laws, privacy laws and publicity and communications regulations.


8.1. Availability of the survey: Although TRIBALDATA tries to ensure that the survey is available twenty four (24) hours a day, TRIBALDATA will not be liable if the survey is not available at any time or for any period of time.

8.2. Suspension of access: Access to this survey may be suspended temporarily and without notice and at TRIBALDATA’s sole discretion under the following circumstances, among others:

8.2.1. For scheduled or emergency maintenance to the survey, or any part thereof;

8.2.2. In the event TRIBALDATA ceases to provide, for any reason, access to or any of the services associated with the survey.

8.2.3. If required by law enforcement or by a government agency, or otherwise in order to comply with applicable law or regulation;

8.2.4. If we reasonably believe that you are using the App in violation of these T&C or any applicable law;

8.2.5. If we reasonably believe that your use of the survey poses a security risk to us or to any third party;

8.2.6. If you are using the survey for purposes other than those specified in these T&C;

8.2.7. In the event that you refuse to provide information in a T&C compliance verification process.

8.3 The fact that TRIBALDATA prevents the User from accessing or using the survey in accordance with the provisions of this section shall not entail any liability for TRIBALDATA nor shall it entitle the User to make any kind of claim against TRIBALDATA, except for damages caused by TRIBALDATA’ wilful misconduct, and provided that they are ruled by a court or tribunal. 

8.4. Information security: The transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. TRIBALDATA will take appropriate measures to protect your information but we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the App. Any transmission will be at your own risk.


TRIBALDATA will cooperate with the US and European authorities that request or require you to reveal the identity or location of users for legal reasons.


Third-party websites: The links to third-party websites in this survey or those that we can send you by mail, are provided exclusively for the purpose of making it easier and more convenient for you to access these, but you will do so entirely at your own risk. TRIBALDATA shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the content or any other aspect related to said sites.

TRIBALDATA does not permit redirects that have not been previously authorised.


11.1 The survey is provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”.

11.2 The survey is provided without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. TRIBALDATA specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement with the exception on the agreements with its CLIENTS.

11.3. You will be solely liable for any damages caused to third parties due to your use (or inability to use) the survey. TRIBALDATA shall be exempt from any liability in this regard and you shall keep TRIBALDATA harmless from any claim arising in connection thereof. 

11.4 Other than as expressly stated in these T&C (or as provided by law), TRIBALDATA does not warrant and shall not be liable for: (i) the vulnerability of the survey and/or the security measures adopted therein; (ii) the existence and/or transmission of viruses or other similar harmful components (you are responsible for implementing procedures and checkpoints that are adequate to guarantee your particular requirements for anti-virus protection, as well as for maintaining a means external to TRIBALDATA for any reconstruction of any lost data that may be needed); (iii) the lack of accessibility, availability, usefulness or performance of the survey; (iv) the unlawful access of a third party; (v) any compatibility problems between the survey and the User's device; (vi) failures of the survey caused by any type of technical or security failure affecting the servers of TRIBALDATA’s third party service providers; (vi) loss of profits, business, income, information, software, business opportunities, anticipated savings, goodwill or any indirect or consequential loss; and (vi) any other failure that hinders, delays or prevents the proper functioning of the survey. 

11.5. Unless otherwise required by applicable law, in no event will TRIBALDATA be liable to you or to any third party for any loss of data, or any indirect, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind arising out of, or in connection with these T&C or with your use (or inability to use) the survey, even if TRIBALDATA has been advised or is otherwise aware of the possibility of such damages. 

11.6 In the event that the applicable law does not allow the limitation or exclusion of certain liabilities as set forth herein, our liability shall be limited to the maximum extension permitted by the applicable law.

11.7 Survey Information: Although TRIBALDATA tries to ensure that the information in the survey is correct, we do not ensure that it is accurate or complete. TRIBALDATA may make changes to the contents of the survey, or to the services and prices described therein, at any time and without notice. The content of the survey may not be updated.

11.8 Additional costs: If your use of the content of this survey should result in the need for maintenance, repair or correction of equipment, software or data, you must assume all associated expenses, including, without limitation maintenance-related expenses , repair or adaptation of any equipment, software or information.


12.1 In order to have access to some functionalities of the survey, you must provide certain data and information.

12.2 Additionally, the survey may install cookies.

12.3 At TRIBALDATA we take the processing of your personal information very seriously and take the utmost precautions when processing personal data.

12.4. TRIBALDATA takes the utmost precautions when processing User's personal data.

12.5. For further information on how your data will be processed when you access and use our App, please visit our Privacy Policy and our Onboarding Cookie Policy


By using our survey, you accept that the communications that are made to you are mainly electronic by means of the email you have provided us with.

For contractual purposes you accept these means of communication and recognize the validity of the agreements, notifications, information and other communications that we provide by these means.


We will not be responsible for any failure in the execution or delay in the execution of any of our obligations under these T&C that are due to events that are beyond our control according to the definition of force majeure in the Spanish legal system or other justified causes that prevent the provision of the service.

Our obligations under these T&C will be suspended for the duration of the event of force majeure or the impossibility of providing the service. 


15.1. Nullity: If any stipulation, or part thereof, of the T&C of this survey is declared illegal, void or not otherwise applicable, by any court or competent authority, said stipulation or part thereof shall be removed and the rest of the T&C will be applicable as if the stipulation, or part thereof, illegal, void or not applicable, had never been enforceable.

15.2 Waiver: Any lack (total or partial), or delay in the application of any stipulation of the T&C of the survey by you will not be interpreted as a waiver of your or our rights and obligations.

15.3. Assignment: You may not assign any of your rights or obligations in relation to the use of the survey without our prior written consent.

We may transfer any of our rights or obligations under the T&C of the survey, without the need for prior written consent from you, to any business with which we form a joint venture, or acquisition agreement.

15.4. TRIBALDATA will ensure that there is no breach of these T&C as well as any improper use of its website or its Survey.

15.5. Timetable: the time used by this application is that of the city of Madrid (GMT +1), central European time.


The T&C will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. 

Where allowed by law, you and TRIBALDATA waive you/our own jurisdiction and agree to submit any conflict, controversy and/or claim related to these T&C to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Madrid, Spain.

These T&Cs have been revised and published on 24th of May 2024.


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