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Frequently Asked

How does the APP work?
This app is designed to be your trusty companion on your journey to a more sustainable life and a smaller carbon footprint. Here's a breakdown of how it works:
1. Calculate your personal carbon footprint: The app features a carbon calculator that asks you questions about your lifestyle. By analyzing your responses, it calculates your carbon footprint and provides statistics on which activities and habits contribute the most to your emissions.
2. Learn how to live more planet-friendly: Based on your carbon footprint and personal information, the app offers personalized advice on how to reduce your emissions. It provides sustainability lifestyle tips tailored to your specific activities and habits, acting as your personal climate coach.
3. Earn points and plant trees: Each time you answer a question in the carbon calculator, you earn points. These points can be utilized to plant trees, and make the world a greener place. And not only that, planting trees is creating livelihoods for thousands of people in need. A win-win!
How can I get more information about the trees I planted?
In the App, go to the “My Footprint” section to check the status of your individual contributions as well as updated information about the impact the whole Tribaldata community is making on the planet. You'll also have access to a dynamic ranking system, enabling you to gauge your position and track your progress in relation to your fellow tribe members.
Each plantation project is linked to a geolocalized field and all funds are used for reforestation, agro-forestation and extreme poverty reduction projects which involve the local populations.
How can I plant more trees?
To maximize your tree-planting power, make sure you answer all the quizzes and earn those precious points. Remember to check out the bonus weekly points for an extra boost! But here's where it gets exciting: by inviting new friends to join the app, you'll not only expand the green community but also receive a tree for each friend you invite. And the impact multiplies! When your friends invite their friends, your tree-planting impact grows from 1 to a whopping 7 trees planted
What about safety and privacy?
All data is encrypted and anonymized, meaning your name, address or any other personal information will not be visible or understandable to anyone, be it other users, search engines, or any of the companies we collaborate with.
What if I don’t want to participate anymore?
If you ever want to delete any of your answers, we’ve made it super easy for you. Simply head over to the “My Answers” section in the app, and you’ll find the option to delete them.

If you wish to no longer use the app, simply go to the "My Account" section within the app, which can be accessed by tapping on your avatar on the top left. There you will find the option to "Delete my account". By doing this, all your personal data will be rendered inactive and blocked, until definitely erased when the legal data retention period is passed. Additionally, you will be unsubscribed from the newsletter, so you won't receive any future updates or promotional emails.

The only thing we would like you to do is to tell us why you choose to leave, it would help us a lot.
How do I receive points to plant trees?
It’s simple! Each week, we'll challenge you with a new quiz to test your sustainable habits. Once you have completed the quiz you’ll unlock a valuable tip and will earn points that can be used to plant trees and offset your carbon footprint. Plus, simply staying active on your profile earns you weekly bonus points!
What happens when I use my points to plant a tree?
Whenever you have enough points to plant a tree and decide to use them, these will get added to the points contributed by fellow tree-planters. Periodically, we will donate the monetary equivalent of all points to renown and trusted organizations on the ground that will manage the planting process.

We have chosen to work with Eden Reforestation and their plantation located on the northwest corner of Madagascar. There they work with the local community to plant a thriving mangrove forest. Trees are the best technology at hand and a natural solution to reverse global warming and get closer to net zero.

Every tree that gets planted through the app means a positive change. For people’s lives. For meaningful and stable employment. For the local communities that are brought back to life and thrive again as a consequence. For the ecosystem. For the planet.
What happens with the answers I have given?
The answers you provide are used to create statistical insights which we provide to companies that are eager to make positive changes and become more sustainable. They recognize the value of understanding the thoughts and feelings of individuals like you who care about sustainability. With the help of Tribaldata, these companies can learn about how the eco-conscious community that otherwise would be very hard to learn.
Here's the exciting part: the purchases they make finance the points that are shared with the community. This means that these businesses can create better and more sustainable products, while you and the community can plant more trees together. It's a win-win!

What is the digital carbon footprint?
Every single action you take in the digital world, from sending an email to launching a search in your browser, streaming a show or commenting on social media, generates CO2 emissions.
The servers that are used to allow all these actions consume a huge amount of energy which – in its large majority – is not renewable.
Tribaldata allows you to offset your digital carbon footprint generated by the daily usage of your phone, tablet or computer.
Does the app cost anything to use?
No, the app is completely free to download and use! There are no hidden charges or subscription fees. You can start planting trees simply by answering quizzes and contributing to reforestation efforts without any financial obligation.

How can I get involved beyond answering quizzes?
You can contribute further by providing valuable feedback through our feedback form. Your insights and suggestions will help us improve the app and make it even better. Additionally, we may offer the opportunity to schedule a small interview with our team, where you can share your thoughts and ideas directly. In the future, we are considering including an option to donate directly, allowing users like you to make a direct impact on reforestation efforts.
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