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Convert your followers, reward with reforestation
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Convert your followers, reward with reforestation

Within a week you will gain a clear understanding of who your customers within your follower base are, their preferences and thoughts, and a way to contact them!

With our tools, Brands that care about the environment are uniquely positioned to bring their followers closer to them - by doing something positive for the planet together.

Imagine what that could do for your Christmas campaign, whilst doing something with common purpose!
How it works

Engage with a visually appealing experience

Invite your followers to participate in a visually appealing, branded survey and storytelling about your products and services.

Reward with Reforestation

In exchange for their insights, a tree will be planted for every completed survey, reinforcing your brand's commitment to sustainability.

Over 150k trees planted this far!

Enhance your marketing potential

Get direct email contacts with consent for future communications. Accompanied by a comprehensive intelligence report.

Customer Database & Intelligence Report
Turn unknown and diffuse followers into customers with a clear need.
  • Country, gender, and age.
  • Which of your products they use and are interested in.
  • ..and anything you can think of!
Imagine what it can do to your Marketing ROI and personalization of your inbound and outbound digital campaigns
Time-limited offering

Exclusive early-bird offering

The first 100 brands that start their trial before Christmas are eligible for a special offering.
Start converting followers into engaged customers by planting
trees for as little as $0.20 USD per customer. Normal list price $1 USD.
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There are 43 seats left for this offering
Success Stories

Why our customers chose us

"We have a large number of followers on social media, but I feel like I don't know anything about our end consumer, I make many assumptions, I imagine many things, but I have no certainty. Using Tribaldata is a no-brainer to me.”
Octavio Laguía,
"The engagement rate we are seeing is way above our expectations and we are discovering new audience segments that will help us to sell more."
David Lahoz,
Head of Business Development
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